Padstow Kids Review Part 3

09 Jun

Part 3 of our blog written by our very wise and helpful assistants aged 9, 7 and 5:


Cycling the Camel Trail

Master S: ‘good’

Miss S: ‘I liked having shared bikes and seeing the beautiful flowers that we zoomed past. The lemon lolly at the buffet car was lovely. The vineyard café was wonderful.’

Master D: ‘It’s great because you can stop whenever you want for a rest. The views were beautiful and I cycled 20 miles!’

Crabbing on harbour

Miss S: ‘It was wonderful but we kept missing the crabs. You have to be very patient and quiet.’

Master D: ‘The far side of the harbour has the most crabs.’

  Green’s – mini golf and lunch

Miss S: ‘The golf was challenging but fun and you ended up getting big scores at the end.’

Master S: ‘I liked it when I got a hole in one shot!’

Master D: ‘You should have seen S’s hole in one – it was really exciting.’

The Lobster Hatchery

Miss S: ‘I loved seeing all the tiny cute lobsters. And they give you activities at the end. I liked seeing the massive lobster.’

‘We adopted our second lobster and named him Cheesy Peter.’

‘The bright blue lobster was amazing, really cool.’

Cardinham Woods

‘There was so much things to see, like the flowers gazing at you. We saw buttercups and foxgloves and dandelions. I balanced on a log crossing the stream.’

‘Warning – be careful not to slip when crossing the stream! It was fun balancing, though. Seeing the chimney from the old mine was cool.’

‘I liked it how the mine chimney nearly reached the clouds.’



Greens Mini Golf                                   The Lobster Hatchery