Padstow harbour

02 Jul

Padstow harbour is a working port and provides much interest to visitors and locals alike. Did you know:

  • The seaward limits of the port are a line joining Stepper Point, Gulland Rock, Newland and Pentire Point.
  • The harbour is capable of handling cargo vessels of up to 2000 gross tons but only accommodates bulk cargoes such as sand, roadstone etc.
  • Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels over 30 metres and the pilot boards 3 cables east of Stepper Point.
  • Padstow has a thriving fishing fleet landing catches of fish, crabs and lobsters. There is also a growing shellfish farming industry within the estuary which produces mussels, cockles, oysters and scallops.
  • The inner harbour is serviced by a tidal gate which is opened approximately 2 hours either side of high tide. There is a minimum of 3 metres water in the harbour at all times.

This information is from Padstow Harbour Commissioner’s website and there is more on the site.