Padstow Kids Review Part 2

06 Jun

Continuing the Padstow review written by our charming guests aged 9, 7 and 5:


Padstow Bookseller. 

Miss S “Amazing, with lovely books”

Master D –  “Really good selection”

Roly’s Fudge Pantry.

Master D –  ‘really cool because smells like apple pie pastry and you can actually see them making the fudge and the blackboard tells you the kinds of fudge they are making that day. You can taste the fudge – we tasted mint fudge and it was amazing.

Cornish Delights.  

Miss S and Master S: ‘Amazing with massive gobstoppers, tiny mini gobstoppers, and loads of sweets.’

Roskilly’s Ice-cream 

Miss S: ‘Loads of lovely ice-creams – I loved the mango and passion fruit sorbet’

Master S: ‘you should taste it.’

Master D: ‘mint choc chip really refreshing and cold’

Cardinham Woods

Miss S: “caramel crunch ice-cream had a really nice flavour’

Pasties at Rock

Malcolm Barnecutt – ‘Pasties were really meaty and tasty.’

Wadebridge Bistro – ‘they made lovely food the meatballs were lovely.’

‘ham, egg, chips and peas were good.’

‘meatballs were really nice.’

Chips Ahoy

‘It was lovely – I really recommend it. The fish was nice – it was really filling.’


Part 3 coming up soon with Activities  ….