Padstow Kids Review Part 1

04 Jun

We love to welcome children to Padstow and last week we had some excellent guests from Manchester who agreed to help us with a Kids View of Padstow and area. Indeed they have been so helpful that this blog will run into 3 parts so it’s over to Master D (age 9), Miss S (age 7) and Master S (age 5):


The Strand Apartments.

Miss S: ‘We loved looking out of the window – you can see seagulls and the boats. It’s a wonderful sight from upstairs’.

Master D: ‘It’s nice to watch the bustle outside and be relaxing inside.’

Master S: ‘You can see seagulls trying to take people’s food!’


Rock – Miss S : ‘I enjoyed watching the waves go up and down on the ferry’ ‘we made a massive boat in sand – the sand was good for digging and playing in, I loved it. The body boarding was amazing – I was really good at it! I span around really fast and squealed.’

Master D: ‘the sand was good for moulding; the hills behind it have a brilliant view and I loved sliding down the massive soft sand dune.’

Master S: ‘I loved seeing the lovely big sand whale that some people made.’

Tregirls – Master D: ‘great for evening walks, playing cricket in the sand’

Miss S: ‘the waves get really big and it’s beautiful to watch.’

Master S: ‘Playing cricket was fun – I got my big brother out twice.’

Chiddlypumps – Miss S: ‘I loved climbing the rocks and getting to the gorgeous end with the smooth sand.’

Master D: ‘Great skimming stones.’

Ferry to Rock 

Master D – ‘quite a quick service’

Miss S: ‘I liked watching the other speed boats spinning past us – whoosh’

Master S: ‘It’s cool – I liked it when dogs stared at me.’



Coming up next time – Shopping and Food in Padstow  ……..