Walk to Stepper Point

20 Jan

As many of you will know there is such a variety of good walks around Padstow that you can often spend as long deciding where to go as actually walking. Such was the case yesterday afternoon when we spent some time in pleasant anticipation debating the issue whilst looking at gorgeous blue skies.

Eventually we decided to park at Lellizzick Farm and walked down to Tregirls via the summer car park and some muddy paths. The cauliflowers growing in the next field had been cut which was probably fortuitous because the fields looked inaccessibly muddy. As it was low tide we were able to walk around to the old Lifeboat Station and check for any damage from the recent storms. I had been told the shutters on the houses had shattered and there was evidence of old chains surfacing but otherwise the damage was superficial thanks to its relatively sheltered location.

Onwards to Stepper and by this time the blue skies had yielded to an ominous looking set of clouds but, as we left the Coastwatch station, there was no alternative but to press on. After a pretty thorough soaking the rain gave way to a glorious rainbow over the estuary:



The added height gave wonderful views over the Doom Bar, out to sea and towards Rock and Daymer which appeared to be water logged – more investigation needed. By now we had decided against adding on the extra 3 miles to Trevone and returned to the car to dry off. No walk is ever wasted and January, though soggy, can bring the met rewarding sights of all – that cup of tea afterwards was welcome though!