Aftermath of the storms

13 Jan

A week can be a very long time where the weather is concerned. Saturday saw a glorious blue sky, no wind and balmy temperatures so we did what all right minded Cornish folk do, and that’s head for the coast. Having heard, and in some cases witnessed, the events of the past few weeks when storm after storm had battered the coastline, we were interested to see any changes – ok damage – which had occurred.

We headed for Trevone where tons of sand had been shifted to block the lane running to the beach. A digger had obviously been at work and most of the visible damage was to the car park which was concrete and tarmac mayhem. Onto Harlyn where the change in beach profile was immediately clear as was the rearrangement of fencing and the steps to the road:

IMG_1915        IMG_1925

Our next port of call was Constantine and a walk across to nearby Treyarnon where we saw the remnants of a terrific swell in the bay but not so much apparent mess save a higher tide line and the debris associated with it. It was glorious to see the sun set over the wide sweep of the bay and reminded us yet again how beautiful Cornwall is.

When you consider that this was just four bays close to Padstow (unharmed) you can just imagine the power of the storm over the whole coast. Enormous rocks the size of microwaves were thrown around like pebbles and hefty railway sleepers were tossed around like matchsticks. Thankfully there was relatively little harm to property and generally people were sensible and viewed from a safe distance but it has left its mark on the shoreline of Cornwall.