Our lovely guests

09 Apr

We closed the Strand on 21st March and I just wanted to say a thank you to our guests for their response. It has made a difficult job so much easier – here are a few excerpts from some of the emails received:

‘Thank you for your email and we fully understand your decision in these strange times’. 

‘I have been coming to Padstow every year for 25 years without a miss’.

‘My sister & her husband are both NHS workers and are unsure what will be happening for the rest of the year, so I would like to book the apartment for the same week next year please’.

‘I’m sure at the moment you’re dreading getting emails from potential guests wishing to cancel bookings’

‘We are very disappointed but totally understand and we did expect it’.

‘I’ll rebook, hopefully, once I know what is happening’.

‘All being well we look forward to seeing you and using your beautiful apartment next year!’

‘Please eat a Chough bakery pastie on behalf of the family’.

‘In the meantime we hope that Padstow survives the shut-down!’

 ‘As soon as you re open for new bookings, please let me know’.

‘Hopefully we will be able to get our Cornwall fix when this awful situation is over’.

‘We have stayed in both your lovely apartments many times and look forward to returning’.

‘ Hope you are keeping well in this crazy world of ours’

 ‘Just trying to adjust to a different way of life at the moment’.

‘We understand it is really difficult to assess how long the current situation will go on for’.

‘I think we’ll all need a good holiday by the time it’s all over’.

Thank you