The Times They Are A-Changin’

31 Jan

News comes this week that the Lloyd’s branch at Padstow is to close in June, following the HSBC a couple of years ago. Poor lonely Barclay’s now has to absorb all of the banking requirements for Padstow (population 3000) plus the summer influx of visitors.

Most of us use internet banking these days and indeed it has helped my business of holiday accommodation as it’s now about a 28 mile round trip to go to the bank. But we still need banks and Padstow, along with other seaside and small towns, will miss the ATM and services it provides particularly for those who have not embraced the computer age.

Rumour has it that the Post Office is also moving but maybe that is not a bad thing as it is planned to go to the Spar shop in the town so will continue to provide a counter service. It will leave Duke Street looking a different place with potentially 2 new businesses to fill the gap – wonder what they will be?