Taking the sleeper train to Cornwall

11 Nov

Understandably, the majority of people who visit Cornwall arrive by car but train travel can be very enjoyable and a range of branch lines within the county makes it a feasible alternative. If you’re heading down from London taking the sleeper from Paddington can be a wonderful way to arrive. It’s a rather an old fashioned service in many ways and for all the best reasons. You arrive at Paddington during the evening and can wait in the First Class Lounge which provides free drinks and snacks. You board around 10.30  into well equipped and comfortable cabins and the cost is £35 to share or £50 for a single (added to your rail fare). The train leaves before midnight and arrives at Bodmin Parkway (nearest to Padstow) at 7.20am by which time you have been woken with breakfast and a lovely view of the Glyn Valley. The service continues to Penzance taking another hour but the timings are very civilised and you can effectively enjoy an extra day on holiday. Worth a thought!