Smile Please!

17 Mar

It’s been a few years since we have had any internal photos taken  and we’re talking the apartments here not anything medical. The task is a tricky one with an ordinary camera because you can’t get back far enough to capture the whole room even if you perch in a cupboard and crane your head over the door – truly this has been tried.

The answer is to call in the professionals and so we did in the shape of Gemma and Justin who arrived with an impressive array of lenses and the expertise to match. Apparently the way to get the whole room in is to take five photos and merge them into one – who knew? As for showing the lovely views that too was accomplished and here is a sample of their work:

Image 2 

The next stage was to take some close-ups and, rather like a magician, out came some props from flowers and a cream tea to a bottle of Doom Bar, all designed to dress the room and give a flavour of what to expect when you visit.  We also tried to buy a bucket and spade in Padstow in March and it proved to be harder than you might think – paintings yes, pasties yes, but beach paraphernalia not so easy.  However, at last the stage was set and here are some of the results:


The cameras were then set up outside and some photos taken to show the location and give a general feel of what it is like to visit Padstow (jolly pretty in case you are wondering). Next comes editing and selection and soon new photos will be incorporated into the website and also appear on our Twitter feed and Facebook so do take a look.  All done for now and it seemed a pity to leave the cream tea …..