QR Codes

07 Apr

Last year the Government introduced an NHS QR code to be displayed in hospitality and other venues. This is part of the Test and Trace requirement and we have just been notified of an update on this for 2021.

As an accommodation provider we are asked to gather names and contact details of all guests over 16, not just the lead booked and name and phone number is the minimum. This basic information is kept for 21 days after guest departure and then destroyed. The information you give will be made available to the NHS in the event of a Test and Trace enquiry.

Of course not everyone has a smart phone or indeed one new enough to support the free app but if you do we ask that you download NHS COVID-19 from the App Store or Google Play before you arrive and use it in the various places where the code is displayed. There is more information via the link below:


Thank you.