Problems Peculiar to Padstow

29 Jan

January sees the start of our regular maintenance programme on The Strand and this year is no exception. Amongst many jobs, another three windows are being replaced and this requires the use of Padstow Harbour Commissioners tele-handler (or cherry picker). The first peculiar problem happened when the driver, who is also on the lifeboat crew, disappeared to answer an emergency callout. Always essential of course but it did leave the painter stranded three floors up!

The next day the painter (again on the tele-handler) dropped his paintbrush from two floors up and was astonished to see a seagull swoop down and take it before he was able to retrieve it. The painter climbed down and chased the seagull around the quay in expectation of the brush being dropped but the pesky gull flew away to the trees with it firmly in its beak. Last seen the seagull was in Homebase selecting a nice shade of blue for the nest …..