Open for Business

11 Feb

You would be hard pushed to have missed the attention brought by the succession of storms hitting Cornwall and other parts of the UK. But do you know something? Cornwall is still here and thriving. A bit battered around the edges maybe but shops, cafes, visitor attractions etc. are up and running and looking forward to welcoming people for the February half term and afterwards. Ok we don’t have a railway at the moment – at least not through Devon – but 94% of visitors come by car and let’s face it a car is pretty useful when you are here.

Another thing – it’s really interesting to go storm damage assessing and you won’t have to go far along the coast for that. The changes in many familiar beaches are much better viewed in person than via the TV so why don’t you come along and see for yourself? Have a look at this uTube video filmed this week and see just what Cornwall has to offer: