Car Park Improvements

31 Oct

Many people who use the Railway car park in Padstow (by Rick Stein’s fish and chip shop) have found that the parking spaces are modest in size. In fact if you drive anything much bigger than a Smart car you can struggle to get the doors open when parked so you will be pleased to hear that improvements are taking place this winter. Not only that, the cliff face in the same area will undergo stabilisation works which will allow more space to be used.

Needless to say this work, by Padstow Town Council, will mean a certain amount of disruption but it is very much hoped to keep this to a minimum. The first stage of the works will start by the business units and it should be completed before the Christmas Festival. The cliff work will start on 11th November and should take 8-10 weeks to complete, weather permitting. Hopefully the new layout and increased size of the bays will be a big improvement – after all it’s much better that you can get out of your car when you visit Padstow!