Mad March Offer!!

08 Mar

It’s simple – stay any 4 nights in March for £200 – at £50 per night or £12.50 per person per night (sleeping 4) this is an amazingly good value offer.

Why are we doing this? Well, you might have caught wind of the recent storms in Cornwall and the widespread publicity has given rise to a few misconceptions about visiting such as:

  • Cornwall has been completely wrecked. Trust me it hasn’t – I live here.
  • You can’t reach Cornwall by road or rail. Partly true – the railway at Dawlish has a hole in it. That is never good for running trains on so they’re not.
  • The road into the West Country is submerged – no, truly it isn’t – you do not need an amphibious vehicle or a scuba diving kit to get down here. Your normal car is fine.
  • Nothing is working or open or available. Not true – you will be welcomed with open arms because we need tourism like Tom needs Jerry (might need to work on that analogy).

And, on the plus side:

  • You will see the legacy of the storms on the coast in many interesting ways e.g. newly revealed wrecks, tree stumps etc. and, to be honest, quite a bit of mess.
  • Newquay airport to Gatwick – extra flights are being provided at around £35 with no Ryanair type extras like paying for the pilot.
  • There are some really good offers for food, in shops and for entry fees to attractions. Even Rick Stein has offers.
  • The spring flowers are coming out, the days are lengthening and I expect you could do with a change of scene.  And sea air is good for you.

Anyway – does this interest you?  If so, just email for dates available and you would be very welcome!